“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.” – Albert Einstein

We create a positive learner-centered environment to provide the interventions and learning strategies needed to help students foster a love for learning while achieving the academic skills needed so they meet or exceed grade-level expectations.

Elementary school tutoring for children, learn to read, write, grades K-6, Winnipeg Manitoba

Early Intervention

Is your child behind grade level for reading or writing? Does your child need special attention due to ADHD or learning Disabilities or is English is their second language? Does your child have difficulty meeting academic goals? We help our young learners develop strong reading and writing skills, math skills, and promote positive self-esteem and self-confidence for positive school attachment and full school engagement. We provide students with the interventions they need to catch up in school and see themselves as successful learners.

Winnipeg Manitoba tutoring high school, help to learn reading, essay write, homework grades 7-12

High School

Are your teens' grades lower than what you think they are capable of? We will help students strengthen reading and writing skills and focus on organization, time-management, and test-taking strategies for school success. We help students strengthen reading and writing skills, complete school assignments, and develop a better approach to learning. We strive to help students get better grades for school success.

Winnipeg tutoring, university, college students, learn to read, essay writing, learning disabilities

Postsecondary and College

Are you working toward your dreams but need some extra support to manage your course load? Postsecondary students find tutoring helps foster a more positive learning experience and regular meetings keep them on task. We provide personalized tutoring for most postsecondary courses to help with postsecondary level academic reading and writing.

On line Tutoring, Learning Discovery, Winnipeg, elementary, high school, university students help

New Online

COVID-19 school closures have been extremely disruptive for student’s education, and new online learning can be difficult for students and families to navigate. We are now offering online student support to students working from home. We support learners with direct assignment instruction to help them stay on task.