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Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential including Learning Disabilities

Cheryl Nicholson is the founder of Learning Discovery, providing personalized tutoring services to struggling students. Over the past 20 years, she has worked to provide research-based interventions and strategies that lead to academic success for students across all educational levels.

She obtained her Master of Arts (Educational Sociologist) and Advanced Bachelor degrees at the University of Manitoba and an English Additional Language Teaching certificate at the University of Winnipeg.

Cheryl worked for the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba, coordinating an adult employment program and learning disability intake, undertaking research, and providing professional presentations and workshops to educators and stakeholders.

Cheryl strives to provide a positive learning environment in which all her students gain the skills needed to reach their full potential.  She looks forward to seeing her students become competent and confident independent learners.

Mission Statement

We aim to develop positive tutor-student relationships while offering quality intervention programs and resources in a positive learner-centered environment to help all students reach their full potential.