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We provide help to students in all subject areas while taking into account students' unique learning strengths and areas of difficulty. We stand out from other tutoring services because we provide a multimodal teaching approach that leads to success for all students. We specialize in using research-based interventions and strategies for helping students who struggle because of learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We incorporate computer-based software programs as a means of helping students learn through a format they find enjoyable. 

We provide students with academic programming and mentoring that is the right fit for them as unique learners. We build on helping students develop a new understanding of their learning styles for increased learner self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem that leads to students reaching their full potential. We strive to help students meet or exceed grade-level expectations. We stand out because we give students the tutoring guidance and support they need to succeed! 

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Often elementary school-age children come to us with reading and writing skills that can be three or more years behind that expected given their age and grade placement. Poor reading and writing skills result in challenges and barriers for students in all subject areas. We take a team approach to work with students, parents, teachers, and schools to help students reach grade-level goals and develop a love for learning.

Program Targets Improved

  • Reading, Spelling, and Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Printing and Cursive Writing
  • Math
  • Class Participation
  • School Engagement and Success

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Often, teens struggle in keeping up in school because they didn’t develop strong reading and writing skills in earlier grades. This frequently results in poor marks, high levels of frustration, low self-esteem, and a lack of self-confidence. Our tutoring program provides the opportunity to strengthen these skills while helping students clarify concepts, complete assignments, and prepare for tests to improve student learning abilities, study strategies, and grades.

Program Targets Improved

  • Reading to Learn and Writing Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Follow Assignment Instructions
  • Assignment Completion
  • Understanding Learning Style
  • Better Grades and School Success

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University and College Students

My postsecondary students come to us with dynamic dreams for the future and memories of past educational experiences that fill them with self-doubt and anxiety. Postsecondary students involved in tutoring find that tutoring helps them have a more positive learning experience as they find regular meetings keep them on task. 

Program Targets Improved

  • Understanding How to Read Academic Material
  • Research Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Ability to Follow Assignment Instructions
  • Exam Preparation
  • Time Management and Organization Skills
  • Better Grades and Postsecondary Success